My Dream Job


The inspiration of my dream began here, in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I was introduced to Music Therapy in 2010 by a musician friend who had begun volunteering at Hope Young's “Center for Music Therapy, Inc.” Because of my involvement with Ms. Young's company, I have had experiences with clientele with developmental disabilities, as well as motor movement disabilities. As I began to sit in on groups, lead groups, and shadow one-on-one therapy sessions, I knew that this field was what I wanted to go into and practice with my life and my music degree.

Ms. Young’s story of achieving her dream really touched me. She put herself through school in 4 years, despite having a double major. Since music therapy wasn’t offered at her school, she had to fight to keep her double major in special education and voice performance, even debating with the Dean of Music to continue studying the combination. Many of her teachers didn’t understand what she was trying to do when she had such great musical talent. In the face of these challenges, she remained strong in her resolve and finished school to became a music therapist. She began her company, which was her vision, in 1990 in Austin, Texas. She had to fight again and again to keep it alive in this state. Ms. Young even convinced some insurances to cover music therapy for a good number of our clients.

At this time, I am very fortunate to have the path forged for me. I’m ready and willing to go the distance and work hard to achieve my own dream. My goal is to be a Music Therapist. I believe my skills attained during my undergraduate training will be of great value in this endeavor. I am proficient on the piano, in music theory, and in sight singing, and my main instrument is voice. During my time at the Center for Music Therapy, I have gained valuable learning experience while watching and aiding therapists during one-on-one and group sessions. I'm a positive and energetic person with a logical brain and a flare for creativity; these character traits often come together for effective problem solving and new ideas for logistics in group settings. With a graduate degree in music therapy, I will gain skills, personal connections, and even more experiences that will be valuable to me in this career field. At this time, I'm unsure of which group of people I wish to work with; however, I'm confident that my experiences in a graduate school will help me decide which population is right for me.


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