My dream job


I’ve gone through life convinced that I am intended for something beyond Paterson, New Jersey.  I have the ability to choose educational pursuits and that I might is a staggering realization. All of the struggles that I’ve had to encounter inspires me to get out of Paterson and live to fill the void it creates in me. I want to experience a speck of greatness and I know that I can get a glimpse of that experience if I am able to afford college. 
I came to realize that I wanted to pursue a career in the business field, my career goal is to become a information management system specialist. This is why I am applying for the major “production management fashion and related industries”. To me, fashion is a lifestyle. I want to use my creativity to my advantage. In the future, I see myself using my degree and hopefully landing a career with companies such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Chloé, etc. I even got voted as “fashionista” by my classmates for  the yearbook.  By attending college, it will help me take the next steps in furthering my career and be one step closer to working for Vogue. I’ve lived in New jersey for seventeen years now and I want to see and explore new things. I am aware that FIT is very competitive but I am pursuing this with all my might and I am hoping that you will give me the chance to make my dream a reality. 
I have been presented with the oppertunity to attend FIT, the possibilities are endless.The road to success is never easy but dedicating the next four years (or more) of my life is not filled with fear but with a massive overflow of excitement. The experience of living day in and day out in a place filled with people who share the same ambition to strive for more in life seems like a dream come true for me. Attending college would help me to distinguish myself as an individual and become a well respected young lady.


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