abusive relationship

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look at my eyes they are mirrors to my soul look and see how damaged I am look and see the damage you did look and see how you shattered me look and see how my soul bleeds because of what you did
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
blood colored stains under my skin left from the pressure under your finger tips pinning me down with love because i dont believe its true if it doesnt hurt
It started slow,muddy leaves andcracked cement.Your jet black hair, and citrus scent. Slowly I wished,The crimson red in your cheeks.Was caused miraculously by none other than me. Slowly,
to the one who broke me   i hope you’re doing well, even though you called me a shitty friend and listed all the things you hate about me
First love worst love, You’d brought me pain Because your anger inside you could not contain.    First love worst love, you are insane Had me locked up in metals and chain.  
You were in my coffee cup in every morning. And so you burned my tongue, but you were addictive You were my sunshine. And so you left red marks on my skin.
What happened to my sister? Smart, beautiful, loving, and caring. Long brown hair, pretty blue eyes, 5’5. Pink and black jacket, jeans and black D.C.’s. Kaitlyn.
Squeezing Squeezing Squeezing this person until there's nothing left for them to give. Where do you get off?
The saying goes, "If you place a frog into boiling water, It will immediately jump out. But if you place a frog in lukewarm water And slowly turn up the heat, It will stay in the water Until it dies.
To whom I have yet to forgive,   You left me depressedYou left me undressedYou left me caressedAnd of course, what's left   Abused and usedI hope you're amused  
You gave me wings You taught me how to fly But if I ever tried to taste the freedom You would knock me to the ground.   “Because I love you”, you said, and I couldn’t fly,
Because I Love You   Because I love you I will smile at you even when you’re not looking Admiring every detail in your face
Dear Mom and Dad,  I'm falling in love with a black man. 
Walking on eggshells in order to please you,  you said that if I didn't listen you would sabotage me.  Send my pictures to college admissions, tell my parents that I had begun drinking again. You claimed it was 
“Love me. “Hold me. “Protect me. “Cherish me.   “I love you.”   …   Okay. I love you, too.
he looked me in the eyes and told me please don't cry "it was only this one time i'd never re-commit this crime"   it's been three years since still every time i hear his name, i wince
I'm another casualty to the weapon of love. The trigger pulled by joined hands. Claims of compassion suffocating my every breath, Nearly as strong as the words of manipulation. "You're my everything"
Stick a steak knife through my heart Call me a precious work of art Make me wish in sleep I die Be the apple of my eye Make me cry and push you off me Kiss me slowly, faintly, softly.  
Her girlfriend is beautiful and funny, adorable, and an animal lover. Even though she hates it when Saralee   accuses her of being complacent with animal cruelty. Her lover shows her all sorts of new music
I see your tears streaming down your face, Where I see beauty you see disgrace, I want to shout out to the world that you're too good for him, I know your affections are placing your life on a limb,
Waking up, you're by my side , I'm so in love with you . I want to stay with you until we're old. I know you don't mean it love the kicks ,the screams,the punches. You're hands , so soft ,
Because I love you I will let you go I know you only treat me this way because you need time to grow
The truth behind Beauty and the Beast By Alex Dix  
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
You took me out on adventures all the time, knowing i had anxiety, saying it was fine. You didn't let my fears take over- every event was another step closer to feeling free from the anxiousness that was attached to me.
I. You were the beacon I needed as we trailed along a scattered glass shore. Brine on flesh, we wished to sail against the heartbeat of crashing waves.  
There is a ghost in my room. I talk to her all athe time. She is only fourteen years old. She was killed by her best friend. She was in love with him. He killed her after he raped her.
Another smile, another tear, Another kiss, a lot more fear, Another hit, nothing is clear, Another memory that will last for years. Another heart that has been broken, Another wound that has been opened,
Bite your lips; your words are robbery. You try to destroy anyone with a basilisk’s glare. Do you grin inside? You’re killing me.  
Sometimes I thought about packing my things taking my cat loading my truck and disappearing
Nothing Nothing Nothing's ever good enough for you I finally understand I'll never meet the mark   I see it now Nothing's ever good enough for you Not even you  
I am Spring, 2013 You were in a coma Accidental drug overdose I felt like I died   I am Fall, 2013 Things got better For everyone but me You see, I got worse  
I'm always so sad Someone tell me what's wrong.   They say there will come a day,
Your kiss is as sweet as ice cream, but you tongue is as sharp as a knife. You stab me as you comfort me.  I can feel the way you look at me.  Like a sheep. Dependent.
Where did you come from A burst of lightening The gods are angry that’s why we’re fighting who are you so patient unkind kind of bluuee This is not me But now it is Somehow ive changed
In this desolate forest of once proud, beautiful trees, long ago, stood an effervescent tree. She stood towering and strong with nimble, yet steady roots
Can you trust me?
we value the public school syste
  Dear you, You who told me you loved me. You who had nothing but unwanted critique in your arsenal.   You who had winds, not so strong, but persistent enough to pick me apart.
You say you love me.
It took me nearly 8 months.
I’d forgotten how to breathe without you, my lung crutchMy shiny exotic lung crutchMany gazed upon us greenly,and you fit so well
It starts off innocently  Well, at least for most Light laughter and easy eyes I almost let go — almost   I tend to overthink
      I WANT YOU TO HEAR ME. I want you to listen:       I can't be what you want me to be.       I tried. I did! I changed for you. But I want to be happy with MYSELF, too.
my mother   when i was young, my mother's pale skin was laced with bruises   these weren't ordinary bruises, they were out of love   my father   
Go on now, let me be.
Go on now, let me be.
You surround me like a carbon gas, Choking the life out of me. I twist and turn, I try to escape, But the beautiful gas is vicious.
No, stop, I can’t. These words spew from my mouth like the hot lava that you left under my skin. When you held me down and poured it in. Flesh held tight in your grip, gagging on the flame, hot to the touch
"Hello Ladies" Ladies Be comfy in your own skin, everyday because honestly; you're blessed one day somebody; will fall in love with the real you; Maybe they will complete your fantasy; I'm just contemplating on the way things should be for ya'll
What is the city girl to do when her city is burning once m
She stands in the mirror looking at herself, with hollowed out eyes staring back. Tears start to stream down her dry cheeks like a stain glass window pain.
Once there was a little girl. That is how this story began. She was a lost little girl, confused by the world around her. She had gone into a forest. Deep, deep into the forest she went.
She sips her water wondering Wondering what wonders life will bring Waiting for the day She'll find the courage she needs to say End the violence end the pain As he swings she screams the name in vain
Black. Her eye, because She was wrong Again. It was her own fault, As always.   Beige. A brush full of concealer Hiding a secret Nobody will learn.   Red.
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