The Grin of Thrill


You surround me like a carbon gas,
Choking the life out of me.
I twist and turn,
I try to escape,
But the beautiful gas is vicious.

It persuades my mind,
And forces my body
To fall,
Into your arms.
And in that time,
I feel your blood pumping,
What a shame.

If only, if only,
I could replace that liquid
With solid,
Shards of glass.
You'd break, and you'd shatter
The moment I'd strike,
This site
Would be divine.

"No more!" I'd scream
"No more torture!"
Though this is where irony lives.

What a thrill!
What a sight!
The carbon gas
Around you.

"You sordid,
Beast, tell me,
How does it feel?
To have my hands
Squeezing your life,
To be

But that,
My love,
Can only happen
Deep, deep
Within my dreams.
I'll still be wrapped
In your arms,
My one,
Great thrill.

When seasons change,
The time will go,
Your grip will slowly subside.
The plot will shift,
The music will thunder,
My scheme will catch its mark.
You can't see my glorious plan,
So shattered,
Soon you'll be.

Great resistance will come about
As my plan brilliantly
And abruptly begins.
"Sing your hopeless melody,
Let's hear your helpless cry,
Sing your dying melody,
Shed tears,
Release the last of life!"

This hell you call love,
So dealy, so sick.
This is your love?
What I'm stuck in?

It's disgusting.
Disgustingly unique,
Intriguing and,
Suprisingly real.
I twist and turn,
I've finally escaped.
But you still have my heart.

I strike,
You win?
I cry,
Then in my dreams,
I'm still wrapped in your arms.
Smiling, a slender grin.


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