The Muddy Season

It started slow,
muddy leaves and
cracked cement.Your jet black hair,
and citrus scent. 
Slowly I wished,
The crimson red in your cheeks.
Was caused miraculously by none other than me. 
Your color washed all over me.
Erasing my galaxy.
Choking me with your crimson lace.
I gasped as i asked for space. 
your words got through me.
Tattooing my virgin body.The crimson red on your cheeks,
ultimately frightened me.  In my puddle of red,
I saw your reflection.
In your puddle of red,
I saw your redemption . 
but surely,
I got away. 
My tattooed body,faded away.Your crimson red left a stain,
my Galaxy,
still drifts away.

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