Mind's Best Protection

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 17:30 -- L_Klein

It starts off innocently 

Well, at least for most

Light laughter and easy eyes

I almost let go — almost


I tend to overthink

Only my few know

The scenarios plotted in my head

Always let me have the last blow


Lessons from my past

Catalogued in my head

Set my goal for the future:

Be a step ahead


Don’t feel more

Don’t get caught in that trap

A dangerous slope leads away

Only awaken by the coldest slap


Rejection is my ultimate fear

These scenarios are the impenetrable wall

Carefully plotted 

Preventing the eminent fall


One rule to live by

One rule shattered

Don’t fall harder

Let love keep you flattered


But do not let the heart

Facet affections to a lesser love

For the end result 

Will be a cold hearted shove


Hope and an open heart

Were my ultimate flaw

To my overthought walls

Causing the Ice Queen thaw


Lesson learned

No oversight to again occur

Erase the scribbles on the master plan

The Ice Queen returns to deter


Let them fall the hardest

Let them love in vain

For those who feel less love

Feel less pain


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