"Because I Love You"

You gave me wings

You taught me how to fly

But if I ever tried to taste the freedom

You would knock me to the ground.


“Because I love you”, you said,

and I couldn’t fly,

I couldn’t feel the sun, see the sky,

I couldn’t taste the freedom you taught me to desire.


“Because I love you”, you said and you said and you said

And you kept me away,

you locked me inside of a box,

you cut my wings and you put me to the ground.


I couldn’t bear it, I couldn’t stay

And I’m sorry, I love you

But I have to love myself more


And because I love myself

I am going to spread my wings

I’m going to fly away

And I’m going to feel the sun in my skin

But I’m not gonna fall, I’m not gonna crash, I’m not gonna die

I know I won’t,

I won’t fall, I won’t die


“Because I love you”, you said

And I lost myself


“Because I love myself”, I say

I am finding myself again.


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