it was only this one time

he looked me in the eyes and

told me please don't cry

"it was only this one time

i'd never re-commit this crime"


it's been three years since

still every time i hear his name, i wince

i've learned what real love is since then

to describe, i can't even begin


no more hurtful words

no more scared of being hurt

no more being overwhelmed with anxiety

no more hiding from society


i thought he really loved me

because he swore it was one time only

but it kept happening again and again

until it finally came to an end


and then i found you

and you loved me through

all my sorrow and pain

you made me realize i could love again


i gave you a list of reasons why you should go

but you persisted and helped me grow

then you re-taught my heart to sing

and to top it all off you gave me this ring

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