I Love You?

“Love me.

“Hold me.

“Protect me.

“Cherish me.


“I love you.”




I love you, too.

Why else would I

Be dating you?




“Call me.

“Text me.

“Keep me.

“Want me.


“I love you.”



Of course.

I will not leave.

Why do you think

So little of me?




“Leave her.

“Ignore him.

“Cut her off.

“Forget them.


“I love you.”




Sure thing.

I trust you so;

You’ve never steered

Me wrong before.



“Please understand.

“Life is hard.

“Please listen close

“To keep my heart.


“I love you.”




You know?

I’m not sure

You really do.

I’ve heard some things

About you.


My best friend

(Who you were jealous of)

Has pointed out

The things you’ve done.


You make me feel

Like I’m not worth your love.

You make me feel

Like I’m not enough.


Yet I’ve done every

Thing you asked;

Cut off my friends,

Never looked back.


Still, you don’t

Fully trust me.

Your last name, your address-

All still mysteries.


I’ve heard long-distance

Doesn’t work.

Trust is hard

And jealousy lurks.



“You end it all.

“You let me go.

“I hope you’re happy-”




I am, you know.


She holds me close;

She knows I am true.

She means it when

She says ‘I love you’.


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