Starting a New Life Without You

Walking on eggshells in order to please you, 

you said that if I didn't listen you would sabotage me. 

Send my pictures to college admissions,

tell my parents that I had begun drinking again.

You claimed it was 


If you loved me, you wouldn't have 

squeezed your hand around my throat until I couldn't breathe.

You insisted that it was all my fault and it was


My family had no idea 

I told them the bruises were from me being clumsy. 

I lived a life of fear of you,

and constantly begged you to let me go.

Admitted into the hospital for a broken nose 

but he said that it was necessary. 

It was because I talked back. 

He said it is simply 


The night you threatened me,

told me that my family was at risk,

I swallowed my pride and filed the papers. 

I ran away and never looked back.

I lost my money, my education, my friends..

but I did it for myself 

for a new beginning that I deserve. 


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