The Art on the Living Room Floor

I’d forgotten how to breathe without you, my lung crutch

My shiny exotic lung crutch

Many gazed upon us greenly,

and you fit so well

Gracefully gliding with the unique rhythm of my body

Locking yourself in the finest of my hair-like veins

In times of sorrow, times of tears

You moved with me, shook with my pain

My lung crutch

Within the exciting bounds of love lust and 

Sick sex

The shortness of breath

You sang a song

Elegantly moving me along

i loved you; i held you so close

My lung crutch

I gave you the blue print of my body

"The better to destroy you with my dear"

And now i lie here

Stained with shame,

Screaming your name

Rivers of my blood trace the pattern in the tile underneath me

pieces of confused ribs, broken, still reach for you 

My breasts a meaty pulp

As you stare proudly at the masterpiece you’ve created on the living room floor

Id forgotten how to breath without you,

My lung crutch


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