Mon, 07/07/2014 - 16:30 -- Mallory


Go on now, let me be.

My mama gonna' get you when she see.

Leave me alone, please let me rest.

Then he say she dont care Bess.

Well, for the record thats my name and im as young of seven.

But, my mama thinks im eleven, and he is my mama boyfriend Teven.

My mama is blind she allegedly says and Teven just here supposly helping.

Every since they got together she say she cant see.

The bruises- deep, deep i guess its just me.

I think its just excuses she uses to cover the "mesquitoes bites".

Round 1am he back at it again sometimes bringing one of his friends.

I HATE him, i HATE him to the gut.

MAMA, MAMA, MAMA but the doors always stay shut.

Next day, everything be so normal he's so nice to me, lollipops all types of candies.

But at 1am he back at it again but this time its just him.

He's alone, nobody else.

Not Joe, Sam or uncle Jeff.

Mean mean mean look on his face.

Im extremly scared and trebbling.

He walks with a pace,

One two One two.

I get up run to the bathroom and before i can close the door.

BOOM! He pushes it back which knocks me out slap on the floor.

He stands up in front of me.

Giggle with a smile.

My head blood runs on the bathroom tiles.

It couldnt couldnt be but it was pointing then landed right side of my brain.

And he said, " Bye bye princess you have been a good little girl. Cant have you here nomo' tending in me and that witch business."

KEEEE!!! She slice right in the neck.

Then, KAAAA!!! it happened twice in the back.

He fell flat on me.

How could this be.

I thought she couldnt see.

Im getting touched and abrusived by this man.

She lied to me and I never found out why.

And never could i he's dead and it feels like she is too.

Phone talks but she never gets the words through.

Now, this counsler lady looking at me with tears in her eyes.

Cause' im telling her my story cause there's weed in my ride.

Im 13 and it been hell of 6 years to revised.

And my gang members says i got things to decide.

My migrane gets worse and my head overrides.

No pain pills, so i got drug pills to substitue.

Im expecting a girl abortion on my mind.

No money to get nun' so there's stealing on the side.

Can you picture being me 13?

Bess known for less.

Never did nothing, never had nothing i confess.

So, counsler lady while you writing notes with your pen.

Think about the life of a girl folder your writing in.



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