What Happened To My Sister?

What happened to my sister?

Smart, beautiful, loving, and caring. Long brown hair, pretty blue eyes, 5’5. Pink and black jacket, jeans and black D.C.’s.


What happened to the girl I used to know? How did he change you so much? What happened to my loving older sister?

I used to know an amazing girl who loved video games and did her best in school. A girl who promised she wouldn’t turn out like our mom. I guess he changed all of that because now I don’t recognize you.

You are not the same girl.

You’re in an abusive relationship with two kids. He keeps cheating on you and the sad part is you know it. You know what he is doing. You know the way he treats you is wrong and yet you won’t leave.

I miss the girl I used to run around the yard with and play tag. The girl who would stay up all night and play video games. The girl who used to do my hair and hug me when I cried.

What happened to my sister?


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My family
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