The Queen's Court

In this desolate forest of once proud, beautiful trees,

long ago, stood an effervescent tree.

She stood towering and strong

with nimble, yet steady roots

Her flowers the most vibrant, for they shown bursting with life and soul

even through the crepuscular night


Every visitor to this once majesty of a forest

never did delay to admire Her beauty

Each man lingered just one second more

just one glance more

For she was the Queen of this court


And in one summer day

a young Traveler wandered through

into the Queen's court.

Like all before him,

he lingered in her sweet, savory presence


unlike the others,

The young Traveler chose never to wander from her magic

from her presence

from her beauty and strength which he so admired


Through Summer

the Traveler and the Queen spent the vibrant days and cool nights

sowing their seeds of Happiness

waiting with jollity for their joy to forever blossom


Yet, as Autumn closed in,

their joy did not bloom

the Traveler,

seeing no reward to his stay,

became corrosive

He stripped the Queen of her vibrant flowers

she no longer had Her light nor spirit to guide her out from the tenebrous night

the Traveler ripped the blossoms that once adorned her leaves


When the astringent Winter crept into the land,

the Traveler stripped Her of her bark

the Traveler left Her Bare,

with no protection from his harm or the world


the Traveler bombarded Her with violent negligence.

the Traveler tore each branch, each limb

straight from her core-

She felt all so deeply,

whether it was a petty notch


her largest root upheaved from the soil

the Traveler's corrosive rain destroyed Her.

It destroyed her to a mere stump, for

as he tore each branch from her core

She diminished

Slowly, but ever so cruelly and surely

the Traveler diminished her to a mere stump,

a stump never capable of revealing even the slight ghost of

her Majesty, the Queen of the forest.


By his corrosive ways, the Traveler

cut her down

mutilated her branches

carved notches into her core

turned her radiance into a sickly pulp


the Traveler had dethroned the Queen

in mind, spirit, and body


Yet, the most corrosive:

with not his Acid in the Winter,

but with his summer breeze carried softly into Winter

our Queen would have ruled over Spring


Now she is filed into insignificance

her beauty and strength no longer detectable

in this desolate forest of a once elegant court.


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