abusive relationships

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“He loves me. He does.” That what she repeats every morning When the phone rings And she hears
Dear School, I love you, let me tell you. I must make that crystal clear. But things have to change now as we begin a new year.   You can't just ignore my questions
Dear First Love, Out of all the lies you’ve told me “I love you” was my favorite….   But your “I love you”s have lost their meaning, And my body has lost all feeling,
‘Thermodynamic equilibrium is defined as the state of an isolated system in which there is no tendency for spontaneous change a tenuous balance between unimaginable forces.’
before anything else, i love myself first.   to prevent the beginning of an unhealthy relationship,   i dive into accepting myself headfirst.   before you can love someone in a zip,  
Day by day Change by change I look in the mirror And i don't feel the same   You tear me down Piece by piece And then you leave me broken and weak   Your words, like a noose
“How was your day, Sweetie?” “I should get one for my partner too.” “I mean… Would you want to?” It’s as simple as that.
purple marks and crimson welts. what does it feel to be hit with a belt? emotional pain and ear-pounding shouts. why wouldn't you push him out? i have a small question, what it is like without affection?
You are the moon and I am the stars. So close, yet so very far. They seem to have met a million times. yet somehow, it's still not mine. the moon and the stars still haven't met.
"I love you" Three powerful, simple words. These words provide care, trust, warmth, and love.  I guess all those slaps, pushes, punches, shoves were all part of affection.  I guess it was your symbole of "love" 
In clouds and in shadows I fled my mind, unable to handle the world around me. Instead of seeking help, I sought desolation instead.  
I love you but you don’t know Yet How I gaze at you through your bedroom windows How I marvel at your beauty as you study in the library
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
I recite from the script he wrote me Memorized every line, I'm sure of it Yet I still turn to him, in fear Search his face for approval For who am I, but the new girl
Keep your shrill voice quiet, you’re disturbing the men at work. Actually, it’s preferred you don’t speak at all, honey. “Go get me a beer, baby,” he’s saying.
Oh, heartbreak in Autumn Seeking comfort in the leaves that have fallen It was the end of my universe Watching trees and the wind converse My tears slowly came to halt No longer could I taste trouble and salt
a mind dull of storms can become invisible and a smile filled with sunshine can be hidden amongst the clouds if we don't look at them. just like the weather changes so does my mood.
  No matter how many times I prove them wrong he always proved them right. With every comment, snarl, and blow I found new ways to forgive.
I'm effortlessly confused. Sittin here like I'm being used. Thrown in the trash, got me disappearin like a babies rash.  My hearts breakin and it is boutta crash. But you really ain't carin
hit her 'til she cries, you'll never know she dies inside. every time she picks herself up, you tear her down, heartbreak is the worst sound. maybe one day you will see, she was hurt now just let her be.
Crazy little girl what were you thinking?  That he would hold your hand, but but not your soul? Then hold your head up from the waves to keep you from sinking? You knew from the start that his heart was black as coal.
You put words in my head but they do not mean a thing I lay in my bed my phone goes "bling bling"   another message from you your words like a snakebite but you dont have a clue
Remember when we used to stay up all night?
2:15 am It started as a cold. A small cough without any other symptoms. a difficulty to breathe. a hurt. I believe that it will just go away. This small illness I had inside would just slowly vanished without any consent. 
I lay in bed,
"Mama" I don't wanna see you cry no more!
Love can make us do stupid crazy things, Things that never in a million years you thought would do. Things you regret doing.   However, at the time it does not occur to us how our actions ruins us on the inside
So sickly.  Someone with such a heart  Ready to do...anything. And Everything. To get ahead.  Destroy their friend for the drug called. Ambition.  Fear of losing to others In turn. Losing
The day I met him, he had my heart.Then everytime I saw him it was like it was going to beat out of my chest.Shortly after knowing him I was ready to give him the restAnd no. I don't mean sex.
Icy hands of Hope, Frigid blissful voice of Love,
This is as quiet as it gets So please don’t break this silence Just hush down and fall asleep I promise not to make a sound so you don’t wake This moment is the calming before the storm
Roses are redish, Violets are blueish, If it wasnt for Christmas, We would all be Jewish
In the 3in by 2in picture
I find myself shedding tears for past shitWounds t
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
I shun this part right here Waking in the middle of night battered heart All we do is live in this perpetual fear Again and again I try to avoid this part right here
You wrote the thesaurus in which I am a synonym for worthless, and an antonym for perfect.You wrote the dictionary with my name defining the word ugly, and used me in a sentence to exemplify the adjective disgusting. 
Lost in another compilation of complications. A group of her friends worsened the situation. I can't take this nonsense anymore I'm walking out the door. I'm not leaving you but I'm leaving this relationship.
Here I lay on my bed A pillow is under my head My room is dark and silent A paper moves, so pops open my eyelids   Its early morning Late night Sleep is nowhere in sight  
    My story goes unspoken The pain went unknown,
SLAP! I didn't mean to upset you I'm sorry I don't know why I always have to ask so many questions. SHOVE! Down the stairs I'm falling
What I remember about that day is covered eyes, being carried into the pasture, allowed to see again, spotting a beautiful gray quarter horse, riding up and down the rode, discovering a first love,
one second , can change it all . everything she struggled and built, will fall . no matter how hard , she would try to stand tall. her husbands mental and psychical restrains would humiliate her ,
light my life on fire its not like it matters I live in a perpetual now, always moving on, never looking back. so go ahead... light it up, I didn't need it anyway. in fact,
I want but true affection rather than that produced by guilt desperate to stay one you succumb to old habits and donate no reassurance
Love (n): a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 1. You made me realize that love is more than fairy tale bullshit. Sometimes a princess isn’t waiting for a prince.
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