For Now

Remember when we used to stay up all night?

Laughing like there would never come a time

For us to say goodbye.

Remember all the tears I shed?

As we kissed for the last time 

On your worn out, creaky bed.

Remember when you called me nearly every night?

Those first few months when we gave long distance a try

I guess somewhere in my mind I knew it wouldn't work

And soon enough hearing your voice just started to hurt.

Remember all of our useless fights?

Both of us screaming louder than the other

Just to make ourselves feel right

We wouldn't talk for days

At least, until i would apologize because i couldn't take the pain.

Your grudge could outlast mine, any day.

I guess i should have known,

That it was time for me to say goodbye.

I used to hang on to your every word,

Dedicate myself like a hope-filled bird

Even though your voice was never really worth

Everything about us that caused me stress and hurt.

All of the pain-filled memories,

Hot tea and stuffed animal remedies,

Your cruel words on replay in the back of my mind

As James Bay's voice sang me to sleep.

I used to dream of what we could be,

What I wanted was my reality,

But what you wanted was never me;

A truth I refused to let myself believe.


Remember the last time?

You held me tight as we kissed goodbye.

The cold December air stinging my face

As I walked down the stairs of your apartment building for the last time.

And I still remember

The distant look in your eyes

As I finally said my last goodbye.

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