in one second

one second ,
can change it all .
everything she struggled and built,
will fall .
no matter how hard ,
she would try to stand tall.
her husbands mental and psychical restrains would humiliate her ,
in front of her children worst of all .
she recognize enough was enough from this man she used to love ,
so that night when being choked against the wall.
she pulled the trigger,
but before she made the call.
that her life will ruin,
she sat down and let her eyes ball .
grabbed the phone,to dial a number that was never called because the gun won the battle ,
goodbye when the children along with the doll .
sweating and crying waking up next to the man , shes dyeing ,
to the realization that second changed it all.
after all they say the longest dreams last around 5 seconds,
so nightmares should be less time on that clock ticking against that wall .


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

any form of abuse is unacceptable

this poem inspires people who are/were vicitims of an abusive relationships

continue to touch lives by writng more poems

great job

Mailayasia Cheyenne Tyler

this is great :)))))

Muhammad Quadri Hossein

Sweet! inspiring

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