To The Moon and Back


No matter how many times I prove them wrong he always proved them right.

With every comment, snarl, and blow I found new ways to forgive.

 I scraped the sides of my heart to find the linings of my integrity but then realized I had none left.

While I was begging for the sun,

 he was eating it for dinner.

When they found me I was nowhere near the life I thought I could have.

So here I lay as a skeleton of the woman I once was.

The further he threw me down,

the harder it was to get back up.

But sometimes the light shone on us.

He bathed me in gold and encrusted my skin with diamonds.

We sat on the moon and gazed at the stars in our eyes.

But when the oxygen abandoned me and the sun got too bright,

he relapsed back to the old musings of broken glass and bloody knuckles.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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