Taking Back What's Mine

This is not my body

This is not my body

This skull does not belong to me

This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine

This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession

These shoulders you grabbed and shook so violently

This chest you groped

The stomach you mocked

The  hips you left fingerprints on when you pulled me up against your body

The legs that kicked out when you climbed on top of me

The feet that hurt from running so far from you

This heart does not belong to me anymore

You demolished it

The soul sitting inside the empty shell of a body is not mine

Nothing is mine

This body is not mine

This is not my body

This body is yours

Its your toy, your plaything

I’m just a fragile doll you picked up and threw on the ground, laughing when the body shattered and the bones broke, the skull fractured into a million pieces, and the eyes rolled away from the head, too overwhelmed to look in your direction any longer

Because if it looked, if it looked in your direction, even one more time, it knew it would see your vile grin and shiny blue irises staring back

I was your figurine

I was meant to sit on a shelf and look pretty

I didn’t do what I was told

No, I went against your wishes

I spoke out

I stood up

I became me again

I took ownership of this body once again

These feet that were running, now dance with friends and a new boyfriend you will never meet

These legs intertwine with those of my lovers’

These hips hold my hands as I exude confidence in sticky situations

This stomach is finally full of food, it no longer growl in irritation of being starved

This chest, these breasts, they belong to me now

These shoulders are used as placeholders for my dance partners hands

This neck is for him to kiss and stroke

This skull, this face, this head, is mine. Filled with my thoughts and beliefs

My opinions and feelings

This heart and soul are not yours!

And I don’t sit on a shelf anymore

I’m no longer an object to ooh and ah at

I’m a person

This body belongs to me

I am this body

This body is mine.

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