Not His Private Property

I recite from the script he wrote me

Memorized every line, I'm sure of it

Yet I still turn to him, in fear

Search his face for approval

For who am I, but the new girl

Compared to the good natured popular boy who insists women and men can't ever be equal

not because, he's sexist, of course not

but because "women are simply and will always be inferior"

I've learned to keep quite on these issues a month into the relationship.


I'm playing a role I did not accept, constantly walking on eggshells,

showcasing the clothes he picked out for me

Too afraid to improvise or think for myself,

I know, I should leave, it is the wisest thing to do

For I am losing control, I do not own this body anymore

I must regain what I have lost for I am not his private property 


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