"From The Mouth Of A Child"

"Mama" I don't wanna see you cry no more!

Just put "Daddy" out, sit his stuff outside the door!

He's given you far too many blackeyes,

I could hear you scream and at night I would cry.

I know I'm just a child, I can't do much,

but, I would like to ask him why he cusses at you,

why he hits you, why he acts like he hates you so much?


I know he cheats on you, I heard you and "Auntie" talkin 'bout how he stays out all night,

and won't answer the phone when you be callin!

When he do come home ya'll start fussin, and arguing,

you'll ask him where he's been and when he tells you, you say he's lying.


If you can't be with him and be happy as his wife,

You should leave him alone and have a chance at a good life!

I know I'm just a kid, I can't tell you what to do,

but, I think you can do better, I promise I'll help you.

'Cause this been goin on way too long,

I know you may not feel it now, but believe me your strong!

I just don't wanna see you cry no more,

will you please put him now, and sit his stuff outside the door?

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Our world


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