"I Love You"

"I love you"

Three powerful, simple words.

These words provide care, trust, warmth, and love. 

I guess all those slaps, pushes, punches, shoves were all part of affection. 

I guess it was your symbole of "love" 

I've learned that "I love you" meant suffer, abuse, and neglect

There is no such thing as care, warmth, or true love

Everytime you "spoke" to me people will stare and give me the pleading eye

I never understood that until it was too late.

You've always finish your agruments with "I love you". 

"I love you" with a bright smile, but never with loving eyes

The first time you said those words, my heart flew with happiness and joy.

While yours wasn't even beating. 

My friends would tell me to let you go and to never see you again

You forbid me from see them again and I listen because I was afraid.

You'll always leave a mark on my skin, telling me it's your mark of love and I should

wear it proudly. Never in my mind would I thought "love" would leave me on a

hospital bed. Never in my mind I would of thought a hospital bed is were I felt 

at peace, like everything was fine.  

My, finally, eyes wide open, I now know that love, is not abusive. I now know

that love is an action of support, caring, and safety. Without you I was lost and confused

But with you I'm unaware, terrified, and bruised

Now wide wake I know now that "I Love You" reallly means I support you, care

for you, and will always be there for you. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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