2:15 am
It started as a cold. A small cough without any other symptoms. a difficulty to breathe. a hurt. I believe that it will just go away. This small illness I had inside would just slowly vanished without any consent. 
but it grew worse. 
It started as a cold and small cough that grew into a runny nose and fever. A lying in bed all day because you can't do anything else fever. I have no energy anymore. 
but It grew worse. 
It starts as a cold a small coughs that grew into a runny nose and fever. it spread into a virus that took over my body and cause me to throw up the shit I was given, I am hurting through every bone. Every muscle ached. 
but It grew worse.
It started as a cold a small cough that became into a runny nose and fever. it presided into a virus and has grown into a cancer. A large tumor within my brain. It stops me from thinking correctly it keeps me from living normally. I am stuck in a hospital bed with no treatment to fix me. 
You are the tumor. Virus. Fever. Cold inside of me and I don't have to medication to rid you. 
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