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    Hate is vileHate doesn't smileHate is rough and toughAnd sips bad stuff. Hate hitsHate spitsFire, fireIn the dire drier.
"CHOICES If you need peace I'd give you to paradise, don't touch the die hell is a home of chaos! Heaven or hell choice is yours." -C9fm
Art is the portal to heaven or hell A colorful perception of bliss or horror  Waiting to be narrated or manifested 
When it came to compassion, God didn't show him any.He decided to drive his car after he had a few too many.He hit another car head on.He didn't survive, he is gone.
I didn’t start writing because you broke me, you know? I started writing when I learned to write, I learned to write because I learned to read,
Well I walked outside on the earth that remains And let the greedy crows pick at my brain With forgiveness and gratitude for their primitive ways And with a thought lingering on the break of day
Heavy-minded, weak of will I watch you lay your life down You're hot and shaking from the thrill Of atrophy at work
SPINAL contusions upon final conclusions and delusions of sorrow that are rich and aged, if IM in reclusion i avoid confusion in seclusion from 2morrow inside of a cage, i stretch and reach across chasms of the deep, spinning a web of deceit and s
When I died, I arrived in Hell and there was a lesson that I quickly learned.Satan is using a new kind of torture, people are no longer being burned.It's a rotten, terrible and cruel thing for Satan to do.
Epic of one Hellish Night   The melancholic bells     were ringing with ardor, And the sun had risen     at the brink of the door,
If this world is holographic, then the afterlife is real. Heaven is eternal. Hell a temporary abode. And the life inbetween. All completely real.
#Memories I lost myself in words last night, It could be a dream as i was high, Some memories i was passing by, revising some older highlight.
They always say hellfire like hell is the only place where chaos occurs but when i looked at you i knew that angels were devious because the light in your eyes wasn't heavens glow
Ya Know I Quite Enjoyed ... " Drag Me To Hell " ... !!! That Flicks' Quite SICK ... !!! In How It Toys With Thoughts That Dwell ... Inside Us All About PITFALLS ... !!!
Open mind Strong soul Joy will find Made whole   Closed eyes Hard heart
Yes, we live to die.  And die to live.  It was no surprise when Persephone ate that pomegranate.  She did it. She lived.    Her mother held the innocence of her child, but only to suffer
I wanted so badly to be the sun,  to bring warmth and light to be the life. But after so many battles of fighting the night,
I lift the taboo  To speak about  The greatest loss of them all  The loss of a best friend  To talk about the pain  Without people making it seem  Like they can't break your heart
Some dark nights I think about Hell and of death, Of torture and devils and cold demon-breath.     A monk, a professor, a seer, a writer,     In my half-asleep mind debate on hellfire.  
What comes after death? What lies beyond the final breath? Is the body just a mere shell? Do we really go to heaven or hell? Or the murky fields of Asphodel? Or are we all under a spell?
"to hell with it!" a bad idea it screams! they gather around to watch the show of freaks and tearing seams to which the moon smiles smiling crookedly with amber beams (hey! look! it's a blood moon!)
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
I was faithful, I was good. Constant in prayer with my Lord and Savior I knew Without a doubt that I Was safe in my Lord's arms. But then that blessed day came. The sky was bright and brilliant
As Heaven and Hell, I have no wealth.  My soul is rich, dear, Take my self. In place of thrones, I offer bones Superior to  Precious stones.  Unlike Gems and wreaths of gold,
Worship is a fetish. Worship rocks, worship animals, worship planets, worship stars, worship sky, worship ground, worship man, worship mind, worship everything you can wrap your brain around and then worship everything you can't.
Hast thou been to Paradise? He asked me as I rolled the dice In a small game of chance. That word does not suit my fanc'. Nothing is certain, I say, Nor Heaven, nor Hell, nor Purgatory.
Lost in a sea of loneliness- Drowning in this ocean of tears. I have no life. I'm suffocated by fear. Visited the Lord just once- Guess I've died the second death. Trapped in my mind to scream and yell;
Standing lone, in this world turn dark- Looking round, seeing no way out. Realizing life, has been cloaked with doubt. Those you called friends, no longer seem real. Thoughts in your mind, now surreal.
One peron's Heaven Can be another's Hell And truthfully I say I hurt I shudder I weep Is something wrong with me? How unfair must it be That I am unhappy
I view thine eyne as scorching flames of hell, Yet hell itself is sweet in fiery well;           I pray the worldly pleasures to provide Me with thy presence, and thou be my bride.  
They say “life is like a box of chocolates” I couldn't agree more Of course, it all depends on the eyes of the beholder Some like dark chocolate, sea chocolate, white chocolate…
Dear Demons, You have resided in me for as long as I can remember. You seem to haunt me every September. Your claws burn me like the everlasting hellfire. Every year you cause my small things to become dire.
  Bring me Heaven, bring me HellYour love has gotten me trapped in a spellI am indeed the angel who fellThe Devil in my veins, the blood marks on my nailsIf I try to catch you, I’ll always fail.  
In burning cold, and crowded rooms us children "learn" from those of you those of you who melt our minds by having us sit and not express ourselves I myself, I want to sing I want to yell and be free
Bumps of ketamine. Go to bed real late. It’s not what it seems, Hell is a soulmate.   Vodka made of tears,
We let these kids just sit and wait In school and not participate  they step they stumble they trip the fall Kids laugh and keep walking down the hall Teachers don't try to intervene
The horn calls The sky falls The wind blows With the sun aglow The soldiers toiled in their plight The bird on the trees took head and took flight Violence for ages, sun up till sundown
“I find your garb, with every malice held there, To assault me -here  in my sanctuary!- The one solace and shield where I may be bare!  
“I find your garb, with every malice held there, To assault me -here  in my sanctuary!- The one solace and shield where I may be bare!  
Through my dark eyes and out of the shattered window I see fire An endless and chaotic fire with flames of hatred I hear the cry of people coming to their deaths
Burning long,  Burning strong. Fill yourself with sin,  You'll find yourself a home.    Flames burn eternal,  Searing through your thin, delicate flesh.  Hope for escape?
The fires of hell raged until noon I opened my eyes to see a red moon The last thing I remembered was a left turn But it was hard to think with this slow burn   To my left and right were cooking cadavers
A room made of darkness, Pitch black so I can't see. The haunting moan of loneliness, in the distance, it calls for me. What once was full of light and the occasional flicker of pain,
〰 I Am that Real 〰 I am the element in the steel of these heels; the strength in this metal when it's chilled. A woman with so much determination and will, because titanium flows freely through my organs and cells.
It's hell here, it's like something or someone did something to me, i feel as if i disappeared, i feel like i was killed at 7, when i never was killed, i sit alone now upset because you killed our love. i still fight for whats right
Underneath the surface Tucked just out of sight There is a dark and dirty place A place of endless night The sun has never risen The moon hides as well Just pay the toll Sell your soul
Death is the separation of body and soul, But wherever you go, the angels will still sing.  Why? Because God gave angels free will. And once upon a time an angel was captured by a demon inside,
When the lights start to dim and the curtains cloes. Where are you going to stand?  When that time comes. Will you see fire or clouds? When you reach your final destination. Will you feel hot or feel comfortable?
It feels like heaven, yet it hurts like nether hell, beware! It is love. #a_haiku
Some people believe in a heaven and a hell.  The place where the people with good souls live in eternal paradise. The place where those of evil are condemned to eternal punishment.  But hell is empty.  The devil lives among us.  Sometimes you can
I saw a chifferobe One made of pale hickory That shimmered with clean Said to be magical And smelled of caffeine Forsaken among the young And murmurs with the old It guides one's tongue
Lord, I am a sinner. This I know for certain, Yet I am not actively working towards self betterment.   Lord on the rare occasion that I get down on my knees to reach you, Most times I do not know what to say.
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
As treetops,We could steal from the sunThe ray's kisses made of stardustThat holds a sparkle in your eyes.As little white clouds,We could stretch our limitsCovering more ground than space.
What’s the use of lacrimating hallow tearsthat spill over past and future worries?Past and Future have gone astray,despite your dismayhave you forgotten? Past never was and future will never be,
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
hundreds of souls gather round the Flame their faces away to hide shade from shame yet one soul searches desperately in hope, to find one soul's heart not in evil soaked.  
How to avoid getting burned If the flames feel so good From righteousness I have turned Eating the forbidden fruit   Immortality is my wish
In the midst of chaos stands a lone rock. This rock doesn't waver nor does it speak. It just sits there, before the fray and watches. Everything around the  rock, leans forward
My Life, I've always faced conflicts and bad luck, I never can find myself happy for a full month, not even a full week, better yet a whole 24hrs, But I hold on,
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
some say that hell is an eternal looping of your most awful memory. I do not believe that hell is a place. Hell is my mind. My mind replays the scene over and over, the same outcome each time.
In my ultimate refrain I've only my sorrows On the edge of the morrow Shouting the regrets of my pain! Whither indwells my disdain I am hither harrowed My path is narrowed
another day living among the void and the darkness.. sitting in my usual corner and wondering why i become so heartless.
I stood at the edge of the Heaven with my angel wings spread wide And as I looked down upon Earth I wondered how I died. I don't remember who I was, who I wanted to be or who I am now,
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
The paint on theses wall are starting to fade away. My everlasting grip won't always be here to stay. This faulting and destructive envy inside of this pain, Well slowly start to leak out of my hopeless brain.
Holding onto your last breath, 
He was a man of God but that thug didn't care in the least.That animal walked into a Parish and murdered the Priest.When he was arrested, he said that he killed the Priest because he hated God.
White wings, golden paths to evil Love extricated from retrieval  Hearts of boilng ice, frozen fire
Cast not these doubts aside as you revel unto glory
Hell, to me, is monotony. A never-ending rigorous schedule with no end in sight.   Hell is never living up to ridiculously high expectations. Hell is your best never being
In the begining,
When my heart aches
I walk down a curving path
Pulling  An ever-retreating journey Into the caves of my imagination I am pretentious And cold Withdrawn from the modern world   The jeans You once adored
My mind is suspended in a void where light and dark are too crude a concept to bear. My dreams are vivid depictions of candles and circles of mortals who chant my name. I stand without form before them, reaching out to cut their throats.
If I'm going to hell For my love I'll be seeing you there Cause god said not to judge  
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
I saw the shadows of the day wax and wane,
I used to to an addict with a bad addiction Now I'm one of a kind, a limited edition From being locked up with no sense of direction Now I'm on full blast like an adrenaline injection
The Earth is like a beautiful cloud, Just to be on it makes me feel proud. If only I could just release The world from War and Hell into Peace.
He's on his knees. He's lost everything. All this pain, is inside him- boiling. His wife slaughtered and raped, as well as his daughter. No justice, no justice. There is nothing left for him.
Another cut, to distract the pain, Another pill, just to keep sain  Alive, but dead in a tormenting  Hell Kowing, you'll never fully get well Scaring away the few that stood by
Look at me: You see an ordinay real person, A man of good wit and a little shy. Look within me:
I will be damned, before I live a day without you You could send me to the other side of the world, and I would still come back like I always do,
Your skin flaunted that of the moon A few bumps here and there But smooth and glowing
With every sip of you, I swallowed too much I sank in your sadness, I drowned in your love and with every bottle, I became overwhelmed
You are not expendable
I try but die every moonrise a girl with blood for hair intrigues my despair piques my vibrato but only an herb and a sleeping pill disturbs a small mesmerado Myself
Snickety diddle I am I am I am the devil I dig ditch-deep drilling holes in souls They say I'm sour but this simply isn't true I'm sweeter than sugar from the cane I plant cavities in their hearts
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
What loathsome things We humans effectuate! A rape in the alley- A murder in the street- Our minds be feeble. Our hearts be faint.  Kidnappings are common- Child abuse; despair-
Am I really here? 
Dearest school, I say farewell, May you rot in your man-made hell, You may have provided, given and taked, But the sorrow and pain you cause me will never be forgave, You ate out my heart, Caused my body to quake,
you are hell but I am addicted   I am addicted to so many dangers but you are my favorite    you are slowly killing me  but I do not mind
    Up. Down. Smile. Frown.  This is a lesson On- manic depression You may be in college, yet you still lack knowledge This is a game. You and I are not the same
To be heard is a marvelous thing To really see what isn't seen And feel what is really spoken Humans were made for this sort of connection You see to be truly human is to be truly known
It's bleeding time The lost soldier Burried in the midst of the fight Death among the living Damned when we are young Stung by what we hold so dear Where will you go when you die?
The swirling winds that-  twist the midnight sky. The stars luminesce the night. Like angels- descending from above, defending the holy town  from the shadows of evil that lurk.
How eerie were the deep blue skies,
she went in her room and shut the door
I heard the grass is greener on the other side Only if you abide By the rules they preach to sinners Only those who reach it are truly winners And the everlasting pulsing is gone I’m coming home
I'm in a state of suffering My soul condemned to this constant pain Expiating my sins The pain is becoming increasingly unbearable I just want to be done
You see me, but do you actually see?of course you don't.You're too busy to notice me.You've plugged your ears to my voiceand turned away from me.You "have to work"Just keep enabling.
The ominous shudder of the dark The time of night when Death should mark Those who will not pull through their strife He will come and take their life   The angels sing as you arrive
Every day, it gets harder, every day it's like a nightmare, progressing on. Every day is another prayer echoing from my bones asking God to take me now.
Do you know what it’s like
It burns deep inside me. My love for you, hidden. I would tell you, but I can't. All hope is impossible.
Go to hell. Take nothing but the sins on your back And the coils of lies you have spun. It should be easy for you to talk to everyone there, Because you all speak
Life ain’t always what it seems, the trials and tribulations never add up to the means, you feel that life is useless but let me tell you why you’re wrong
You never understand it Even as you feel it It's your saving grace And your damnation to hell The light in the darkness And the darkness itself Consuming you Trapping you
This nightmare as tall flames skidded over the spires of the city I found next to a spade in hell an ivory doll, the white angel as it turned out, and in the flaming heat
Hey Mr. Principal, Hey Mr. Smith, I hope you sit comfortably – On your plush office plinth, With all your private accolades – That no one could care about, To the varsity trophies –
I look around At the school halls. And I think to myself, "This is hell."   The teachers are boring, The students are dramatic, No one understands my struggle.  
Hell is walking the road of life searching for someone to talk to To feel stranded while surrounded by people too focused on their own trivialities to notice
So what if this is the end? What if this is goodbye? What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky? This is it for our memories we've made in our lives. So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.
After everything we've been through Everything we've seen Our cries, battles, and wars Our wins and our losses This can't be the end, it can't be over. The darkness consumed us and tore us apart
I have lived a thousand different lives, My first one came when I was born, The next when I learned the lesson of death, After that was the life of a nomad, Many others have followed, But I live one life now,
A monument to all your sins, Perched upon the zenith of all your darkest fears, Scorned with the duties by an omnipotent sibling. Fiercely possessive and consumed by a black rage A toll waits at the river Styx
I seek no safeguard or heaven, Nor purgatory or hell for crime, I do not search for god or demon, I care not for the religious sublime.   I do not want an eternal soul,
Down Down the sky she streaks Down Down to the mountain peaks Down Down the sea she goes Down Down where nothing grows   AHH! AHH! she screams AHH! AHH! as she torn apart at the seams
Your out of line And God said to get out of line.   Are you too blind? You are no longer bound Bound by material things!   Yet tears come to your eyes, Cause your soul is dyed.
  She speaks in similes. Using her devil tongue. The way she utters A complexity of evil words Constructed to fit perfectly Into the shape of a heart that beats directly into her palm.  
I am from Hell I was born there I live there I will die there I am from the fires that rage when people are angry Laugh there Love there Dream there
Isn't it hard, so hard, to forget? To leave you behind. To leave behind your smile, your adorable laugh, your charming expressions, the look, the look, THAT look- in your eyes.
if you were going to Hell and I was going to heaven I would stop believing  in  God.
I woke up on the wrong side of heaven where the ocean raged and roiled a flaming sea a broil and I wonder how I fell into these deep fiery pits of hell
You’ve looped yourself around me You’ve laced yourself through me You’ve tied your knot inside me You’re tangled up about me You refuse to let me go.
Teacher, teacher I need help on this question I’m trying my best But I need a suggestion   But teacher, teacher Instead of rote memorization Instead of formulas and dates
Stretched in all directions, a reflection of where you stand. Left in, to fend with no defense, horizons end is arid sand. Tongue is numbed, a dry sponge in your mouth on which you choke.
 I want to sleep...I really do. He's calling just beyond the avenue. Tight curb, love in the low life suburbs. Patiently waiting for me.Sich schminken to hide a brutally gentle tide.
Lord, I know I’m nowhere near your model image For what a good human is I come here with nowhere left to turn Exiled from my home
I wondered how Someone so angelic as you Could have turned out to be The demon that broke my heart And then I remembered That Lucifer too Was once an angel.
10+11 are the days I should stay home Your mother called. She asked me what you want for dinner, chicken or spaghetti? How can I be special at home?
I walk with no soul and mind, just the thought of youI walk with no gold or silver, just a dead rose in my hand The moon doesn't smile tonightTonight i walk with Demons from HellThe Sun won't set me free no moreI am alone and will never be remembe
Wounds from my past still sting. I try not to bring myself to that time again. Why can't things just be like when I was a kid? Having no knowledge of anything. Just care-free and dumb.
I'm juat a simple girl lost without a soul I long for someone someone who would love me You came into my life you let me know i have a heart You helped me discover my soul
"Daddy?" "Yes, Sweetheart" "I love you" I write for the one who gave me brown hair and eyes, For the one who sang me my favorite lullabies. The swing set he built, my rocking horse by hand,
Tender little treasure, I can see how broken you are; How much pain you hold secret inside. Hide away! Close yourself off from unwanted destruction. Shy away from those who may hurt you.
Hell is his empty syringe And the searing pain of his emptiness. Hell is the heat of the absence That grows hotter in his presence. Hell is the tears that evaporate
When told “do or die” When the fight to stay alive When the gun is at my head I will not deny the Lord.
I stand with empty hands, Scars on my wrists, I didn’t know life would hurt like this. Blood flows from an open wound, Tears fall and burn, Don’t get too concerned.
A glimpse of light behind me, Darkness is encircling me, I know not where I am. Fear is the side effect, Spawned from the isolation Of my imminent demise. Adrenaline fueled aggression,
You send monsters to kill me, Yet sings that I never die. How is it that you praise my ending- And hold your breath as I wake? As if I’m just your trojan pond.
They lay with no bed, They lay with no sheet, They stay on the floor, They stay with out heat, They sleep with no dream, They sleep with only fear, They wake with no love, They wake with a tear,
hell is when you cannot stop the tears and you're stuck alone on a public bus and everyone stares at you with pity while you cry silently and pray to God that you don't break into sobs. and you do.
Just an angel in Hell Trying to get to Heaven The closer she makes it to the in-between The further away Heaven seems One day she'll make it there Until then, she'll keep fighting her demons
What's wrong with this world that we live in? Sometimes I want to give in, and give up, and go down and watch us spin around this dark place, this dark space, this rough place, that I'm in,
I am so torn Like aborted babies that aren’t born Separated and thrown into a furnace To be burned up because of people’s purpose To reign as kings, Though he called them gods Little g’s
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