My Days in Numbers W/ Chicken-Spaghetti and Turkey


10+11 are the days I should stay home

Your mother called. She asked me what you want for dinner, chicken or spaghetti?

How can I be special at home?

Yes, she said she wants Chicken Spaghetti for dinner.

14-5 are the days I can go outside

I think I’ll make sandwich for dinner when I get home.

It feels good to follow the sun on 9’s.

Will it be ham or turkey?

I would stay, but it is 21 and I should stay home.

12+7 are the days I watch the shadows slip across the wall.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any cigarettes on me because I don’t smoke.

Who said life was fair? Chicken or spaghetti?

When is the bus coming? God, I’m late. It’s already 91! 18 was 1 too many ago.

I think it will be Turkey…


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