Suicide Room

Another cut, to distract the pain,

Another pill, just to keep sain 

Alive, but dead in a tormenting 


Kowing, you'll never fully get well

Scaring away the few that stood by

I scream to the heavens and ask god ¨Why?!¨

Finally someoe sees Im a 


They see the scars and reasons they've conqured

What they dont see is the pain

That is hidden

Deep within my heart it is written

Living is now my hardest task

Loneliness and depression, carefully masked

What they don't know from the nights I hate most

In my top drawer a crumpled

Suicide note

Yes, it is true I tried to get out

But I cant let the days keep trudging on 

Sooner or later... I'll sing

Deaths song


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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