Third World Country, Child



 My ribs are whirled outward such as rabid waves. They starve amongst the depth of the ocean, they are forgotten. My flesh is a canvas and I am hungry, hungry, hungry. There is a melody of flies buzzing within my ears. The motion of dust dances beside me. Disease is prone amongst my bones - It lingers within me, deteriorating my home. My eyes are wide, they are deep - From viewing sights of  Poverty,  Inequality. Sometimes I wish I could devour freedom for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Freedom to choose my situation. The sun grazes upon my eyelids, my eye lashes become sun rays. I am warm, my soul is first-class. I am not just scorched with heat due to the hell that I am facing. I long to capture the good lingering within this cruel ordeal - But if god created such a life, Why did he choose me? 


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