A Beautiful Picture

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 14:02 -- Zensho


United States
43° 28' 29.0496" N, 75° 5' 4.1136" W

I stand with empty hands,
Scars on my wrists,
I didn’t know life would hurt like this.
Blood flows from an open wound,
Tears fall and burn,
Don’t get too concerned.

I stand cradled in Your arms.
You promise it will be okay.
You fill my heart and hug me close.
You heal my scars and forget my faults.
You heal my wounds and give me hope.
You stop my tears and promise to never leave me alone.

God You love,
This broken heart.
God You heal this sorrow,
Until Your love is all I know.
And suddenly a broken frame,
Holds a beautiful picture.


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