We Die Soon

Bumps of ketamine.

Go to bed real late.

It’s not what it seems,

Hell is a soulmate.


Vodka made of tears,

Down a bunch of shots.

Your mortician cheers,

Try not to get caught.


Steal cash from her purse,

Momma will not know.

Hail the nearest hearse,

There’s no tomorrow.


How much for a G?

Is my soul enough?

Not a lot to me,

‘Cuz I’m always tough.


Never look both ways,

When crossing Jordan.

A prisoner always,

But you are your warden.


Locking lips with death.

No one is immune.

Take a deep breath,

And know we die soon.



This poem is about: 
My family



unigue and serenly dark, it's one of a kind, keep writing

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