So what if this is the end?

What if this is goodbye?

What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky?

This is it for our memories we've made in our lives.

So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.

It doesn't matter where we die, why we die, or how.

All that matters is we're still here, together, on this ground.

So let's celebrate the end like it's a big freaking throw down.

Let's build a fire and dance around it.

Let's all hold hands and sing.

Let's lift our lighters to the sky and remember everything

That we already did, wanted to do, and things we did in our dreams.

Let's celebrate for the world;

The good lives, the bad lives, the people with no lives at all.

The good times, the crazy times, the times we lost it all.

Let's tell the ones we love

That they'll be in our hearts forever.

And if this world is really ending,

Let's all die together.

So if this is the end

I just want to say farewell.

To a world I've become a part of,

A world I knew very well,

And long live our legend.

Goodbye 2012.


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