Pop Goes The Angel


Down Down the sky she streaks

Down Down to the mountain peaks

Down Down the sea she goes

Down Down where nothing grows


AHH! AHH! she screams

AHH! AHH! as she torn apart at the seams

AHH! AHH! they scream

AHH! AHH! as she tears them apart at the seams


Why? Why? laments the mother

Why? Why? laments the Brother

Why? Why? she mocks

Why? Why? She walks


HELP HELP Screams the girl

HELP HELP the world makes me hurl

HELP HELP She dare not say

HELP HELP She’s lost her way


soon soon whispers the father

soon soon everything will be  calmer

soon soon whispers she

soon soon I will no longer be


THERE THERE she moves

THERE THERE she improves

THERE THERE she stops the blade

THERE THERE a demon is made


SCREAM SCREAM she tells them

SCREAM SCREAM they are condemned

SCREAM SCREAM she enjoys it

SCREAM SCREAM as their throat she slit


SMILE SMILE as she laughs

SMILE SMILE she is in hell at last.


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