The Inevitable


United States
42° 43' 39.4896" N, 71° 12' 15.3432" W

A glimpse of light behind me,
Darkness is encircling me,
I know not where I am.
Fear is the side effect,
Spawned from the isolation
Of my imminent demise.
Adrenaline fueled aggression,
Passive aggressive hate.
A glimpse of light behind me,
Darkness is encircling me.
In this moment i must choose,
Pitch black desolation, former life,
Blinding light, new direction.
Death, screaming my name.
Light, was hers crying mine.
Senses come to, I have died.
Adrenaline fueled aggression.
Passive aggressive hate.
Hell, is the product of my fear,
Transgressions, demons collected.
Blinding light or utter demise,
Change direction, darkness behind me,
A glimpse of light in front of me.
My choices, punishment awaits.
Darkness is encircling me,
Glimpse of light, false was hope.
Adrenaline fueled aggression
Passive aggressive hate
Judgement set, infliction of pain,
Not worth fighting fate.



Wrote this in reference to a lifestyle change. Its to late to change anything when its gone.

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