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I'm juat a simple girl
lost without a soul
I long for someone
someone who would love me
You came into my life
you let me know i have a heart
You helped me discover my soul
you told me the sweetest words
"i love you"
It has almost been a year
its felt like an eternity of happiness
But it all came crashing down
you matured
Reality was you must leave this town
never to return
I told you id wait
but you think im still a child
"i still love you"
We argue we fight
our days are limited
I cry and die inside
yet you tell me what you've always said before
"i love you"
Its years down the road now
you've found someone
Someone better then me
yet you say
"i still love you"
Im dieing now
laying in a pit of hate
Hate for my life n broken soul
you try and stop me
"i love you"
Im dead now
doomed to roam hell
Alone and unwanted
i forever hear your words
"i love you"
Years pass
you too have died
Your soul returns
with the missing part of mine
"i still love you


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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