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Will it forever be this way?  Will rebels ever be able to —  If to mind — were play!  Will ever figure the heed?  Perpetual! Mate! 
Watching the blue of the evening turn velvet   Indigo lingering like my unspoken hope   and  
it is easy to love you in the fantasy i’ve formed in my mind, for under the protection of my imagination, we are together. we are perfect. we are infinite.
Do not fall in love with a sandy haired, blue eyed boy. He will clumsily walk along the edge of the sidewalk with a stick in his hands. Awkward laughter lingering in the cold of february,
She closes her eyes, takes in a deep breath. She’s thinking of all the excuses she’ll have to make. And all the reassuring comments.   “There’s just something in my eye.” “Yes, I’m sure I’m okay.”
From your sincere kindness To your imagination I will always love you, Lion Even if you do stumble on your own two feet. Everything you do is done with such careful precision that it just seems unreal
No matter if there is sun or rain, the doll smiles through the display case . It wears a cute red dress and a ribbon of satin lace . Passerby stare at it in appreciation, Or perhaps it's her pure deliration,
I’m the girl with the Ink stained hands from So much writing But you wouldn’t notice because You’re so far away and you Only know what I tell you and You’re oblivious to everything else
You're probably never going to love me back.
This Moment
You reached for my hand one morning, while you were sleep, as I just happened to open my eyes.   Your fingers found mine gently, too shy to intertwine. And as the sunlight lay across
3:22 and it's not you lying next to me you're probably sleeping just fine. Eyes just barely closed and fingertips inches away. Soft snores telling dreams I wish to be in. But when I open my eyes
I’m so sorry that I can’t be Everything that you want from me I’m sorry that I’m left trying to say No, in the very kindest way I get so confused, and I don’t understand
This beating heart aches with each breath I take, The pain is unbearable to my soul. I am drowning in this fiery lake, And this person I am is far from whole.   Each day, I steal many a glance at you,
((We're hanging here by our nails and our toes while the lights flash red and the feeling goes.
I don't if is been the movies or my friends, I have recently become an addict for a woman's fur, their beautiful skin and beautiful lips make me go crazy, if only I had a special girl that could fulfill my thirst,
The print has faded From the movie ticket of our first date, Just as our love has done.   I still think about you
My Heart is like a symbol steady tinging
The star light twinkles The dreary waters quiver I am at peace   Flashing lights dwindle My heart is beaing faster It is time to shne   Lost but never found
To my desire,   Is it even possible? I hate you so much. You are the crimson fire that burns angrily in me. You are the bush of thorns growing around my heart.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was one of my very first poems I ever wrote, please bear with me as it is not all that great.        
  Butterflies seek shelter amidst the wind  Spreading their wings in the light
The secret signs you imagined The signals you gave back The special smile you thought was solely for you The feelings you thought were there but it turns out lacked The way you felt when talking to them
I wanted your love Mentally, I begged, cried, and dreamed Of the day you would realize You were meant to be with me
Opposites, these two things are, like winter and like summer But like in marriage two contraire things will bond with one another You may not even be able to imagine arctic flame Or think an icy sun is impossible and inane
It has been an era since I have gazed Into the mirrored eyes of morning. The thought lingers in an ocean Of fruitless expectation. The yearning, thirsting shore Waits untouched by equipoised waves
I held your gaze— Transfixed by you— Because in your eyes I saw a sea— And I was engulfed by your waves.   Those clear sea foam orbs, Like the nebulae in our universe,
Tossing and turning,
I think I’ve seen you in my dreams before I remember red rose buds at your feet As I drifted with the tide down the shore Your coy whispers running over repeat The windows to your soul like kryptonite
She's got rock star style with that beauty queen flare. She has my full attention with just the flip of her hair. She's got a lot of class, I can't even deny.
It started with a “Yes” All you need is a “Yes” Best three letters, Y-E-S   We talked for an Hour
Loving you is like trying to cash a voided check The daunting weight of everyone looking as I try I formed the line and filled out one of those pink slips Yet I was utterly and effortlessly denied  
It’s not t
A tear drops from her eyes
It felt so real, it could have been true— The way his arms caressed me, strong, never letting go. The rain like pellets fell, dancing— around entwining torsos; Surrendering lips knew nothing but each other.  
As I whispered sweet nothings into your ear and held you closely as you cried, I fell unbearably slowly into a deep love with you from which I knew I would not return.
Rain washes me away Melting away my indiscretions Exposing my vulnerabilities And carrying me to places unknown Thunder drowns out the cry of my heart Silencing its call Stifling its every desire
As I sit there listening to them talk, I wonder am I good enough, To be apart of this family, That no longer know who I am, Or what I have become, A female apart of Humanity that is no longer understood, 
As a child we learn about love, between a woman, a man and the sun. Pure and sweet as a dove, oh what a sick pun. No one taught me that song, I learned it on my own. Now you claim I am wrong?
  “I stand in the cold wind driven rain, Hoping, nay praying, it will rinse away the deep heart felt pain; Staying the tack and straining against the ship’s wheel,
     What sly, sneaky dogs gentleman can be,disguising themselves to others to have a sort of innocent fluency. But what man can truly stand with his girl and not look at another,or struggle not to?
Tell me all your secrets and tell me all your dreams, but when daylight comes render me unseen. Give me your burdens and I will put them to rest. You have my ears for the words you are afraid to speak.
Anamaria runs through my mind but stands apart in my heart. Her kisses are like liquid oxytocin.
With genuine smile and open arms Bliss succumbed with twice the charm
Has anyone ever realized that the easiest poems to write are about depression and love?
It's a sinful inferno that blazes higher and higher, it takes a toll on my heart, it nearly tears me apart. People see angel wings, I only see other things like acid laced lips and,
feelings go unrequited because you have high standards, havent found anyone quite like it. now your fate decided, you're striving to find someone thats trying, to understand you like they're psychic. they come around, but you never buy it.
We stacked sugar cubes to look like little-us statues, then demolished them in our fists and crumbled them into your tea. It was the melding of one relationship into another,
Sunday mornings are my favorite, always. There was no rush, and I got to spend my time in your corner, exploring the dark that creates your light. We move slow, savoring each moment until we go.
Three friends walk side by side No one knowing what the others hide The first wants a pet Giraffe But he feared the others would laugh It was his biggest dream And he swore they would only be mean
Sometimes I think you love me and other times you don't. But as time goes by I realize that you won't.
Wouldn't you miss me? If I dropped dead. Wouldn't you kiss me? If this 's all I said.
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