I Only Want You

You're probably never going to love me back.

Maybe, but not in the way I hope you would.
Your heart is probably icy and black.
Sorry, I can never say that even if I could.
I am exposed to you like skin is to sun.
I am your slave and you are my savior.
But for you to stand back and hold the gun,
I would think you're on your worst behavior.
For the trees to wilt and carry
all the stress I consumed, but not because of you
but because I love you and you don't, which is a bit scary.
I favor you over anyone else and to know that makes me blue.
Right now, it does not stand tall.
It beats and pumps oxygen to my cells
It will not stop until you notice, talk, or call 
But what will happen when there is no oxygen to operate these love spells?
You've got me in a trance and I don't want to escape.
Where the grass is greener, my world is faker.
Although the love I desire will drape
across my chest and arms, I won't let you take her.
She is only a little girl who knows nothing better
Who knows that if love passes by her, she will take that chance
No matter how that person may be, sweet or bitter
So do not lure her with your words and do not try to enhance
The love that the girl desires and can feel
The love that the girl does not know
That the love girl wants is not real
and that she will learn pain is what will help her grow.
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