Burning Desire


It's a sinful inferno that blazes higher and higher,

it takes a toll on my heart,

it nearly tears me apart.

People see angel wings,

I only see other things

like acid laced lips and,

hellishly curving hips.

Sweet colored eyes and soft cooing lies,

She's a dark lady,

she can't take me,

she won't break me.

She's a devil.

She's not cupid,

I'm not stupid,

She's fire.

Sounds good in my ear,

so close I don't fear,

she's a lyre.

Like a beautiful melody,

she steals all my memories,

she's inside my head, made me wish we'd gone to bed.

She's a burning desire,

so softly, I tread.

Nearly close to heaven,

but got dragged down instead.

So far deep not even,

God can save me.

She's got her eyes locked on my soul,

If I knew her,

she'd never let go.

She's a dark lady.

So i think this is it,

She's got her lips on mine,

and tasting so divine,

I guess I'll stay while,

have her kisses take me for miles.

I can't see the light,

even with all my might.

I lost this war,

She's won for sure,

and suddenly heaven closes their doors.




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