The Movie Ticket

The print has faded

From the movie ticket of our first date,

Just as our love has done.


I still think about you

For some odd reason.

I miss you so damn much

(Maybe it's nostalgia season.)


I think about your smile

And the way you'd laugh.

Oh I just can't help but

Think about our past-

The way you'd hold me tight

And the way we'd talk throughout the night.


We'd dream about our future,

Cherish our present,

And reminisce our past;

Just as I currently am, my love.


If you haven't noticed yet,

I'm still hung up on you.

Your thought about this (I'd bet)

Is that this seems stupid, but I'll assure you it's true.

You were the best thing that has ever happened to me,

But now, as we are apart, you're just a painful memory.


For the print to fade off my movie ticket seems to be fate

As if it were symbolic

For I thought us to be permanent from our first date.


The love I had

The tears I shed

Mean nothing to your betraying self

So as I tear this ticket into tiny pieces

I also hem up my hollowed heart's leases

Moving my feelings to the back of the store from its original display on the very front shelf.



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