Unrequited Love


United States
36° 16' 21.7056" N, 95° 50' 7.3824" W
United States
36° 16' 21.7056" N, 95° 50' 7.3824" W

Unrequited love,

Why did you let it get to here?


How did you let it push you so far that the thought of leaving is all you fear?


It used to be simple for the both of you;

No worries,


No tears,


Just smiles,


Always sincere.


Why is it now you're used to it being there instead of here?


How are you hypnotized by its countless tricked leers?


How does it make the subject of being there look insincere?


Unrequited love,


Why is it happening again?


Why is it making you feel like a acquaintance,

Instead of a committed best friend?


Don't let it use your heart to fill it's abandoned sensation.


Instead of a relationship of whispered screams,

Make it a loud conversation.


But either way is okay to you,


There is hope and potential for you both to make it in the end.


But who's the real unrequited love in this equation?


It who feast on a unstable hero of savin'


It who gave the heart to a unsafe haven?


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