When Ice Meets Flame

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 21:55 -- bre543

Opposites, these two things are, like winter and like summer
But like in marriage two contraire things will bond with one another
You may not even be able to imagine arctic flame
Or think an icy sun is impossible and inane
But when you look past all the turmoil that you see on the surface
Deep down inside the conflict, may serve a greater purpose
Don’t call it out, don’t think too hard, it’s best to let things flow
Because if there is a panic this fragile thing may never grow
Into the beautiful thing that you hope it will become
And conditions must be suitable if they will join together as one
Too much of one, too little of both, and it all will fall apart
A joint effort from both sides is required from the start
Yes, they are quite different, but it many ways just the same
For example, even in disagreement, they come together again
Although ice may be cooler, calmer, more closed off from the world
Fire, so feisty and fierce can aid in the process of being unfurled
And fire possesses a temper that once starts is tough to end
Ice being so composed and relaxed will have plenty of frost to lend
These two things are extremities and their attitudes can be guarded
Their manners may be different but they cannot be halfhearted
Ice is not kind of cold, it is frozen; there is no doubt
Fire surpasses Texas heat and has to be put out
When these elements get together sublimation is the goal
Not a puddle of water or a passion that spirals out of control
Dangerous alone these elements can show themselves to be
But put together they cancel out and form a harmless steam


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