Thu, 09/11/2014 - 21:56 -- bre543

I wanted your love
Mentally, I begged, cried, and dreamed
Of the day you would realize
You were meant to be with me

I told myself there was a chance
And my hope was a star that burned the brightest
Amongst thousands of stars
That shined with doubt, but were more honest

I don’t know what was worse
Praying that you’d notice me
Or telling myself that I didn’t care
That it didn’t matter evidently

I sent countless unanswered texts
You only made contact due to dullness
I was content with that but anticipated
The day when I’d peak your interest

That time never came
And I waited and waited
At one time I hoped my feelings for you
Would disappear or be negated

Finally I grew tired
Of harboring unreciprocated feelings
I refuse to be a second choice
In any sort of love dealings


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