Raven Hair and Sky Blue Eyes

From your sincere kindness

To your imagination

I will always love you, Lion

Even if you do stumble on your own two feet.

Everything you do is done with such careful precision that it just seems unreal

And in the end it just falls right into place.

I love you.


Your eyes. Literally a mirage of three different types of colors



With tints of yellow.

Every time I stare into them

I feel so entranced that I forget what I was even doing.

You make me feel complete.


Your raven hair reminds me of my soul.

Black. Like a void

But your type of black is much more comforting than my own.

Yours is like,

The color of the night sky void of all city light

Almost like an embrace that I so willingly accept.


We met almost seven years ago

You helped me when I needed the most help.

You spoke to me when no one else would

Now that we met

Together we can take on the world

This poem is about: 
My community


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