Hidden Love


The star light twinkles

The dreary waters quiver

I am at peace


Flashing lights dwindle

My heart is beaing faster

It is time to shne


Lost but never found

Forgotten not remembered

Just a memory


I fly with the stars

Failure always discourages

Success will be near


Writing what a joy!

Its works satisfy the soul

Appeal to hungry souls


Rejection always hurts

You're a constant reminder

Of my shattered dreams


Easy on the eyes

Smooth on the basketball courts

Graced right into my heart


Ripped my  hearts to shreds

But sadly you'll never know

You've abandoned me


It's time to start afresh

Start building a new journey

I must never look back


Always on side of wrong

Why must things be dificult

Be my morning light


A  Haiku by Samantha Dorisca

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