Tossing and turning,

Restless and yearning.

You’re always on my mind,

Never hard to find

Deep in the labrynth.

I want to reach for the absinth

And drown my thoughts,

But you are all I’ve got.

Just tell me please!

So I can finally find peace!

They say my heart is on my sleeve,

So either take it or leave.

I can’t wait forever

For you to be here never.

Give me a reason to end it

And I surely will leave your planet.

Because you are keeping me here,

I leave my heart naked and bare

And wait for a yes or no.

Surely you know...

My feelings can’t hide.

I feel like I’ve died

And am waiting for your lips

So my heart can finally skip.

But I know the truth,

It’s merely my youth.

My childish mindset

Leaves you upset.

How can you love me

When you can instead be free?

I guess I’ll just wait,

And take your bait.

But don’t worry,

And don’t be sorry,

I guess my greatest fear

Is already here:

I’ve always known,

My fate is being alone,



Tossing and turning,

Restless and yearning.



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