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When you need someone, I’ll be there. When you want someone, I’ll be there. When you need a friend, I’ll be there. When you can’t see the bright side, I’ll sit with you in the dark. 
Shaunsterkid yeah we are in a legend gang dont hate on us please me and LILANDONHELBIG and Tripple3ddd are in a legend gang yall can hate all you want im going two
Cause even when it's all said and done I still wonder what we would've become Dear Ex Best Friend    I know I’ll miss you  Sometime
At times when my heart was ripe with a selfless ache to nurture another, at times when my heart was rife with love springing from somewhere deep inside me that I thought would someday burst open my heart,
Side by side Knees touching slightly No words are said Yet We both know The other will always be there Side by side
    Late night drives And snowflakes on our tongues. Talks in the hotel room, And Martinelli’s in bath tubs.  
In that moment, her eyes reminded me of the ocean So full of life, and twinkling a light blue So I couldn’t bring myself to disagree With her youthful excitement at the prospect of joining the USAF.
Beautiful cherry trees glistening blossoms pink petals dancing Spring should be a delight   But my eyes are itching, my nose is runny,
At the beggining of Creation, It was decided to have a Dark and a Light Everyone thought it would be best. So for the last time Light and Dark, who were friends met and they spoke to each other.
From the moment we first spoke i knew we be friends even though we havent met properly  you still the best friend anyone could get  we talk almost every day you always listen to what i have to say
I am sorry for what I did.I forgive what you have done.The truth is I miss you.Remember all the laughs we have together?Each day I pick up the phone to text you,And go wait I cannot.
I've seen the lightAnd it's in you,In everything you areAnd in everything you do It's a perfect lightThat shines for all to seeIt radiates from youAnd has pierced the heart of me
Unsuspecting I hear the footsteps swift and thunderous Unafraid of acknowledgement The beginning of a scream builds The air vibrates, silence is pierced
When you have nothing You should always have family That’s what they say.   Your family should have your back And love you 
What happened to us What happened since We met on that bus On the way to New York To spend the summer With people just like us Remember that?
    You cheer me up, When I was in the slumps of the earth   You gave me courage,
Drifting in and out of consciousness I feel myself falling into the dark abyss. Unable to move but still able to see and hear In those moments I witness my deepest fear.
I laugh along with you in my headI hold your hand while alone in bedI hope to god you notice meBut not my insecurities
the brain is a university bedroom adorn it how u want   scatter memories like golden fairy lights circling the sloped ceiling look how they flicker until they are reduced to a soft glow
I need a tissue because I miss you, Everyone use to beat you while I needed you, I couldn't handle the pressure that was messured by you, You use to teach me, trying to eat me; all of my feelings,
What matters is that you remember the good times The laughs and stupid things I said that no one has heard The smile I feel when I know you are doing great
The day he turned The day he left me Was the day I realized  What the world really was   The day he left  Was the day I lost some of my hope 
 I write today to the ones that matter, praying to his glory that these crystal dreams dont shatter.  I write today to the ones that stayed, through thick and thin; might or right, their steps never strayed.  I write today to the ones with soggy s
Right now I am staring down Barreling  down Hurtling towards The same story and the same mistakes I have made for the past four years I know how it ends but I don't know 
No matter what I say  It'll never matter  Do you not know who I am  You must not know who I be Give you a mug and the finger  I'll act like I've never even met you...  
They laughed at who you are so you tried to rearrange. You became the you they sought because you thought that things would change.
You surround yourself with enemies In hopes they’ll change to friends They care nothing of your life But you pray that theirs won’t end.
I These words I use are truth Even if I disagree Because no matter what they mean to you May hold different meaning for me Words- to tell a story that otherwise wouldn’t be   Quite easily it is
I had a friend. She was someone I didn't want to let go, She was like my long lost sister, But something occurred and everything was foiled. Silence enveloped the atmosphere, everything went blank.
Grow up, Stop looking at things so close up. I sat the bench all season of Field Hockey, Some said it's because I'm not too jockey. I watched my friends run and play, While I sat there feeling gray.
i. Two rivers, either side of the road. Content in their currents. Side By Side. ii. Confluence; the junction of two rivers.
The Sun and Moon glow their tune, far after we are done, 
Take your caring heart And mend your own soul. Look at them, you’ve done your part. You’ve taken it on as your role, Mending everyone from the start
I’m going through my phone It’s been close to a year since that day When I lost the one I loved the most But for some reason their face pops up everywhere  
Have you ever felt that you had the best of friends? That you and your friends could get past al the twists and bends? That no matter what you went through, you would still be entwined?
Drink it up, drink it up. You're already drowning in it's well. Run away, run away. A chain causes your ankle to swell. Keep screaming, keep screaming. You can't scare the monster away.
When I want to lay & rest, your body fits mine and we talk until our eyelids grow heavy  To grub and to hug all through the night & even when It’s hot Man that’s sounds good like when you play
Friendship is the most important thing everThat is a lieWatching their six will only get you in troubleI used to think thatDistance and time can’t break friends apartFriends are connected heart to heartFriends will be there for youWhen tough times
Remember those days;  
My friend, you betrayed me. What relief there is in that simple statement! Your actions so entirely obliterated Your pillar of my world that your betrayal Has lost its sting and I am left without a doubt:
I'm not able, I'm sorry i just want to end the call I'm supposed to be the the Invisible Soldier who's trusted by all and never blow his composure and as much as i wanted to see the world better
As a young adult looking back on the past, the amount of mistakes made is unfathomable. I feel as if the most important is something we all struggle with everyday. 
                                                           Baby blue                                                         I put my faith in you
From long hair to backwards hats you've been by my side Telling me what's wrong, What's right.   Taking me from darkness And showing me the light   That boy that didn't deserve me
Dear Mark-Jan,   Whenever I see our picture together, I smile To me, you're like a little brother Even though you're taller than me! I still think of you, even though it's been a while  
When it's your time to go away And it's my time to leave Think of springing flowers And the lush Oregon trees Between Autumn days and Summer nights Change is hard we know
Dear Nikki I recently saw a post on twitter about this woman thanking her best friends for proving how important true friendship was
My brothers, my guysA family in disguiseOne of the greatest in my eyesMy brothers by choiceMy guys wit
What Life Is All About   Don’t look into their eyes For they can’t possibly understand you
We were almost brother and sister— Sharing inside jokes that left others befuddled, Matched in both wits and passion for our craft… Now I barely recognize you.  
A. a forever friend always spreading love  and then it was time to go adventures, I will go on like we used to admiring you as I continue and for that I thank you for everything
All those things combined make me want to hold on to you forever For worse or for better You should already know that you are my treasure  And when we together nothing can ever measure  Your arms are my shelter 
They say angels are only in Heaven. Souls of past people watching us from above the clouds. When we think of angels we think of the people dressed in white, Adorned with wings and a golden halo.  
Thoughts race like crowded New York City traffic. So much congestion; nothing changes. Ever. Busy city lights compete to outshine one another.
once upon a time,a monster plagued my heartmy poor, poor heartin the form of fear and disappointment.it had ferocious teethIn the shape of my motherAnd claws,oh,
As a wise fool, I thought I had the world in the palm of my hand that it's all good and could touch each soul in my span. No longer a boy but still not a man  wanting to help others in any way I can.
Clouds float away, but you want them to stay Teach you new things, everyday. If your cloud floats away,  Don't worry. More come.    Clouds bring rain, the pain of change and growth.
After a long timeI met with herShe is my best friendShe is so beautiful She looks like beautiful Her mind is very beautiful When I look at her face, thenI find peace and tranquility 
So you see I’m the strong friend.The one that you run to when you need some advice. When your dude ain’t treating you right! When you and your mom had a fight!
I never knew I would end up here. Crying over my best friend one day. Maybe I'm scared to leave him. Maybe I don't want to. Who knows...but now I'll be leaving him in this mess of a world, mess of a town.
A group of  fools spinning round in a toilet bowl. Lost with them all in a black hole. No worry and no hurry, we're headed into the abyss for a euphoric reason. Inhale the trees
I miss your face and I miss your voice I know your smile for a thousand mile I leave this space cause I have no choice  
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