Break Down Walls

Remember those days;  

when friendship came easy? 

Remember the years with no doubt? 

When did the walls start building up? 

Lost too many friends to count. 


Year after year, it became strenuous; 

letting people into my life. 

Trust was an issue - that I can admit to, 

and friendships were ruined by strife. 


It’s a big task to burden yourself 

with people who really don’t care. 

So do me a favor and break down those walls; 

the ones that cause you despair. 


Keeping friends isn’t easy, 

and it’s hard to not be afraid. 

I had a fear of friendship 

since 7 years of age. 


There’s one thing I’ve learned from facing this fear: 

that nothing goes as planned. 

The real friends that you’re meant to keep 

will always hold your hand. 


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