Tue, 10/23/2018 - 19:58 -- j9lydia

Dear Mark-Jan,


Whenever I see our picture together, I smile

To me, you're like a little brother

Even though you're taller than me!

I still think of you, even though it's been a while


You would sit next to me, not saying a word

In a space where I felt out of place

For being too shy, not outgoing enough

With your presence next to me, I felt like I was heard


You were determined to be who you are

No matter the teasing or the jokes

When you were happy, you danced

You truly had a pure heart


Thank you for seeing the worth in me

When I didn't see it in myself

For being a kind, gentle friend

Who made me feel like I was seen


Mahal kita, kaibigan

I love you, my friend

I hope to see you again

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My community


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