They say angels are only in Heaven.

Souls of past people watching us from above the clouds.

When we think of angels we think of the people dressed in white,

Adorned with wings and a golden halo.


While I do agree with this image,

I believe that there are angels who walk among us.

They have neither wings nor halos, yet they don't need them.

They come at such unexpected times; strangers who grace us with their presence when needed the most.


I know I've encountered a few angels in my lifetime.

However, this year, one in particular has had one of the greatest influences on me.

She took the form of a freshman, just entering high school while I was just entering my junior year.

I had no idea who she was and no idea she was about to make me realize who I was made to be.


This year was rough, I'm not going to lie.

There came multiple times where I could do nothing but cry.

Feeling so much pain deep inside, and hell,

I think I almost looked the Devil straight in the eye.


But then there came this girl.

I had known her a little through cross country and track,

but little did I know she always had my back.

We gradually talked more and more and soon she became the reason I walked through the locker room door.


I had wanted to give up so badly.

Just throw in the towel and let my junior year swallow me whole.

Reflecting on this year I now realize I don't think I would have made it without her.

Sure, there were others, but something about her made her stand out, perhaps the purity of her soul.


Maybe it's because she reminds me of myself, or maybe it's because people like her are rare to find in a world as cruel as this.

Either way, she doesn't need a halo or wings to be considered an angel.

She helped pull me out of the dark and see the light, the bliss.

Due to her timing, I can't help but think He made us cross paths for a reason.


And I couldn't be more thankful for that.


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