In loving memory of a friend

I had a friend.
She was someone I didn't want to let go,
She was like my long lost sister,
But something occurred
and everything was foiled.
Silence enveloped the atmosphere,
everything went blank.
It was like a book that had an abrupt ending,
to be very frank.
Life happens.
Friends come, friends go,
sometimes you can't explain why.
You feel it's all your fault, but the quietude continues.
I enjoyed it while it lasted though.
When someone wants to walk out of your life,
let them go.
Don't hold anyone back.
It may be for the better,
or things may just get bitter.
I never wanted things to end like this.
After five years, going to six.
All the memories I'll undeniably miss
But I can't coerce anymore,
I can't keep holding on,
I'll rather let you go.
If things were really meant to be,
they will be.
That's what I believe.

Friends are like stars,
but sometimes a star dies and another is created.
I still see you as a star,
but maybe this wasn't meant to go farther.
Whatever happens,
remember there's still someone you can count on.
I've forgiven you though,
but the truth is really vivid,
that this dark road is where we're heading.
Our bond is gradually breaking.

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