Sun and Moon

At the beggining of Creation,

It was decided to have a Dark and a Light

Everyone thought it would be best.

So for the last time

Light and Dark, who were friends met

and they spoke to each other.

They knew there would come a time when 

Man would not remember their voices.

They had to stay away from each other,

And they knew it was going to happen.

So when it came time for them to stay silent,

They bid each other farewell.

Darkness said to the Light,

"My friend, I will stay with thee, do not worry.

Even though we must stay apart, 

I shall linger on your edges 

so you might see me. 

And in the night when no one is there to hear, 

We can speak through the light of the moon,

and the dark of the sky."

And that is why infants and small children awake.

They hear the words being spoken

So if you hear voices in the night, 

Do not be afraid!

The Light and Dark are speaking.

And they watch over all the people.

And they do so with joy.


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