Art (part 2)

All those things combined make me want to hold on to you forever

For worse or for better

You should already know that you are my treasure 

And when we together nothing can ever measure 

Your arms are my shelter 

Your hugs are a like a sweater 

So warm when there's cold weather

You take away the pressure and pain 

And I hope I do the same 

Thank you for being a part of my journey 

I don't want you to ever have to worry 

You hold a special place inside 

And you should already know I'm always going to be by your side 

That ride or die

That shoulder when you need to cry 

That escape when you need to hide 

You shouldn't ever have to question why 

You shouldn't ever have to compare 

It's hard, I know, and you don't think it's fair 

But you are unaware 

Of all the qualities you posses 

Don't be depressed because you are blessed

I am blessed 

and you are the best 

Baby, you're a work of art like no other

Sculpture, photography, poetry, a painting 

I could keep on naming, but you already get the point that you are amazing 

Especially to me 

I hope that you can see what I see 

But I'll still love you unconditionally 



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